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International Members Meeting and AGM 2016 in Monteveglio

GAP International had its international members meeting together with AGM (Annual General Assembly) in Monteveglio, Italy from April 12th-15th. Eleven countries were represented during the event with participants from both organization and personal members of the GAP International network. Daily agendas were tight with AGM related activities and formalities but also very productive at the same time.

Another essential part of the international meeting is the Open Space sessions run by members themselves with themes surrounding current sustainable development challenges and strategies. Peter van Luttervelt from GAP Netherlands lead a session on circular economy, Olena Kharchenko from Teachers for Democracy and Partnership (TDP) Ukraine shared her experience on media strategies for project success, Darek Smiechowski from GAP Poland presented the project 'Young Leaders of the City of the Future' (a project between Norway and Poland) to other GAP International members, Victor Branagan from Ireland talked about introducing the flow business model to GAP International network, and Mai Lan Peg from the Netherlands organized a 'Dancing for Change' session for everyone during the first part of the Open Session meetings.

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