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Learning for Change workshop in Stockholm

On the 19th and 20th of February, Global Action Plan International organized a compressed two-day Learning for Change workshop at the Secretariat. Students, researchers, business practitioners, organization leaders and educators were gathered to learn from their experiences in sustainability. A diverse group, with 8 different nationalities!

The first day started off with introducing ourselves to each other using the ‘toss the ball’ game. After this introduction, the participants were asked to present their own case studies to each other. These case studies are used as examples of a learning experience. The focus of the first day was collaborative learning from experience. Marilyn Mehlmann facilitated the workshop and explained different methods and theories about behavioural change, which the participants can immediately put into practice. We ended the first day using the Synergy method to reflect on the day and to share what each participant would take home.

On Saturday, the participants gathered to discuss possible future collaborations. The Synergy Method  was used once more to put together a calendar for the day. Each participant can suggest a topic to discuss. With intriguing questions such as ‘What does the world need?’, the discussion flowed with great tenacity.

We at the secretariat are inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of all the participants and we are excited about future plans! 




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