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The CELLS Project

Community Environmental Learning Laboratories

for Sustainability

This project was funded with support from the European Commission, 2013-2015.

The CELLS project has been a great, inspiring learning community of five partner organizations working for sustainability with adult education led by the Association of Conscious Consumers (Tudatos Vásárlók Egyesülete) in Hungary. The project took place in Ireland, Hungary, Norway, Sweden and Spain. The results were disseminated to several other countries across the globe, including Germany, Switzerland, Ukraine, Austria, Czech Republic, and to various academic, professional, business and citizen target groups.
The Global Action Plan Household program, branded as EcoTeam is a comprehensive peer-to-peer adult learning method for sustainability that is based on the foundations of behavioural and social sciences. The basic concept of the EcoTeams is the discovery and establishment of new sustainable behaviours. This is helped by the empowerment of adult learners and by positive reinforcement. Feedback and motivation from peer learners and the measurement of behaviour change outcomes are essential elements of the method.
The CELLS aimed to improve the EcoTeam education methodology that was developed more than 20 years ago. During the project period partners improved the dissemination and thus the accessibility of the EcoTeam method to various adult target groups, while also making the core program more efficient by improving its methods and its content. 
The target group of the EcoTeams is household members. With the improvement of the program, partners became able to offer participation in the EcoTeams to some more vulnerable groups, to expand the geographical spread of the program, especially with widely accessible, easy-to-adapt online platforms, and to reach out to the early adopters of new ITCs with these. 
During the CELLS period new training methods and content were designed and tested as well as new learning outcome measurement methods, social media and web support to learning processes. Gamification as an educational method was a new development to the EcoTeams. The gamified version of the program was designed and developed. Now it is accessible as a digital learning application at

The three year project was kicked off in 2013.

Carfully construed…

… and executed.

Partners involved more than 3000 adult learners in developing and testing new training and coaching methods, new educational contents and new or improved info-com-munication tools to support adult learning. Participants joined new online and face-to-face learning opportunities.
Media and the wider public was an important target audience: information about the EcoTeams has been disseminated to more than 1.5 million people via public relations and external communication activities.
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Final face-to-face in Budapest 2015.


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