Clearly sustainable

Clearly Sustainable  is a series of podcasts which explores the use of English language words and terms used when discussing sustainability. This series is not a dictionary but is a spoken journey through how terms are used and some of the common misunderstandings or wrong uses of such terms. The series is not academic in style but is more conversational and engaging, aimed at improving your use of English and giving you clarity and insight into the whole topic of sustainability.

The series is an initiative of Global Action Plan International which is a not-for-profit organisation working for the past twenty five years as a global leader in sustainable behaviour change.

The series is produced and presented by Victor Branagan of SustainED and Clearly Sustainable, Ireland. Victor works in education for sustainability with international experience over the past ten years and works as a sustainability coach with individual and business clients.  He has a Masters in Sustainability from Sweden and is a Lead Coach with Climate KIC. As an Irishman he is a natural talker, orator and poet and he aims to put these skills to good use to make the series easy to listen to, yet educational.
The aim of the series is to promote international dialogue around sustainability. The objective is to help people to understand how specific words and terms related to sustainability are used in the English language.  We will highlight the development of the word/term within the sustainability context and identify common misunderstandings or mistakes that are easily made. The goal is to publish a new episode twice per week and to make it available in as many formats as possible to suit the widest audience.

The latest podcast can be found here.