What We DoThe FDDM is:
- A foundation for sustainable development in mountain regions
- A "Valais-Excellence" recognised non-profit organisation (ISO 9001/14001)
- The body designated by the Canton of Valais and the City of Sion to enforce the charter on sustainable development voted by the cantonal government in 1998
- A team that helps the towns, villages, companies and schools of Valais, Switzerland and in mountainous regions of the world to enforce sustainable development
LocationSion, Valais, Switzerland
Member Since2019
Audiences/SectorPublic Administrations/Municipalities/Schools/Youth/Businesses/Civil Society
Member TypeMember organisation
Our MissionThe Foundation pursues the following goals:
1. To promote and support valuable projects on sustainable development in mountainous regions in Valais, Switzerland and abroad, especially projects leading to an improved quality of life for the inhabitants of these regions;
2. To foster reflection among environmentalists, economists, politicians, and social and cultural planners on the necessity of integrating the issue of sustainable development into their agendas;
3. To raise public awareness on the issue of sustainable development;
4. To monitor ongoing projects on sustainable development and make their outcomes generally available;
5. To encourage research on sustainable development, notably through cooperation with specialised institutions;
6. To serve as a reference point and to encourage meetings, training and research on all activities related to the advancement of sustainable development in mountainous regions;
7. To encourage all activities leading to sustainable development in mountainous regions.
Areas of WorkThe FDDM is active foremost in the Canton of Valais to promote and support valuable projects on sustainable development for public administrations, municipalities, schools and business. Its activity extends out to the French region of Switzerland and internationally in mountainous regions for some projects like Interegg with France and Italy. The FDDM is a partner of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), and so is interested in creating links with other countries.
Success Stories2015-2019:
WaterExplorer: Since 2016, The FDDM has been running the French Switzerland chapter GAP UK's WaterExplorer programme. Teachers and students take on challenges and simple actions to learn how to save water and raise awareness within their communities on water-related issues. The programme has reached almost 115 schools throughout this region during its run. The top Swiss team has been the international winner twice so far.

SMArt: The Sustainable Mountain Art programme's objectives are to increase awareness of the challenges of life in the mountain regions and to promote intercultural exchanges. SMArt exists through:
- Artist residencies which welcome in Switzerland artists from the South and East;
- Artists who create artworks on global challenges of mountain regions;
- Exhibitions, exchanges and dialogues between the artists and the public in Switzerland and the world.
In the future, SMArt aims to create a broad international network of artists, residencies, cultural institutions and financial partners committed to sustainable development in mountain regions.
Collaboration OpportunitiesThe FDDM works with many Swiss partners on various sustainable development projects. It is interested in the international dimension of projects for youth and the general public, and for administrations and companies so as to include them in French-speaking Switzerland. The FDDM endeavours to collaborate on its various projects and its interested in participating in the development of awareness tools on all themes of sustainable development.
Project Highlights- Cook Our Region, a project to increase local and organic food in the kitchens of public administrations buildings in Valais, such as schools or hospitals.
- Eco Market: Zero Disposable Plastic as a guide about good practices for cities.
- SlowUp Valais is an event in June about gentle mobility and sustainable development that we have organised since 2007 in Valais. It promotes liveliness in sustainable development education in schools or outside.
- Week of actions against racism, which we coordinate in Valais in support of the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
- Agenda2030 Valais is the political strategy and operational plan that we proposed and that we coordinate for the Valais administration.
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