What We DoWe are a B Corp that works for and with people, to promote culture and environmental awareness. We develop strategies and projects to advance in the transformation towards a more sustainable organization, focused on social and environmental issues. Since 2012 we have helped develop sustainable communities and improve their relationship with their local environment.
Member Since2023
Audiences/SectorCompanies/Schools/Public sector
Member TypeMember Organisation
Our MissionWe mobilize, together with people, a life in harmony with our environment
Areas of WorkEDUCATION: We help to understand and internalize concepts that mobilize people towards a life in harmony with our planet. We aim for a sustainable culture with people and nature.
CIRCULAR DESIGN: We accompany our clients to design, build and install circular economy and recycling projects that make recovery processes more efficient, facilitating and optimizing the interaction between the actors and seeking to minimize waste.
LOGISTICS IN ZERO WASTE: We resolve the operational mechanisms to reduce the negative impact on the environment. Likewise, we implement logistics solutions to manage and value waste in an inclusive and certified model.
MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS: We promote initiatives that contribute to the regeneration of our environment and set an example to move towards a circular economy through campaigns and community development.
TERRITORIAL DEVELOPMENT AND COMMUNITY ARTICULATION: We seek to connect organizations with their communities, helping them work together to solve social and environmental problems, creating long-term ties. We find solutions to territorial problems involving their municipalities.
Success StoriesChile sin Basura 2040 (Chile Without Garbage 2040)
Collaborative platform that mobilizes and makes visible actions that seek to accelerate waste reduction in Chile. We work together with people, public bodies and private organizations, large and small.
Different initiatives are exposed delivering educational, inspirational content and that generates greater awareness about reduction, reuse and recycling. It has its own channels that are articulated with the different brands for each campaign: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Web page and mailings.

Interescolar Ambiental
An open and self-managed web platform, which works as a meeting point around environmental education, supporting educational communities in order to mobilize and inspire students to care for and preserve the environment. It has its own channels: Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Web and WhatsApp, as well as mailings through which we connect directly with the network of educators, environmental managers and families. There are more than 3,600 schools subscribed accessing environmental education resources and networking through the Red de Educadores (Educators Network)
Collaboration OpportunitiesCircular economy and recycling projects, educational programs, community engagement, cultural awareness, benchmarking and consulting
Project HighlightsCIR (Inclusive Recycling Center)
First inclusive waste segregation and recovery center in Latin America. Through CiR we solve the problem of waste and wasted talent through training and waste recovery with people with cognitive disabilities.
social impact:
1st recycling training and inclusion center in the country.
12 people with cognitive disabilities trained and hired
environmental impact:
+700 tons of recovered and valued waste
+500 adhered collection points
economic impacts:
+40 clients with compliance with the inclusion law, circular economy and local and massive waste management.
22 job posts

Reciclar es un arte (The Art of Recycling)
In order to promote artistic creation and the development of circular economy, we have developed in alliance with our client CCU (one of the main beverage companies in Chile) #ReciclarEsUnArte contest. Since 2020, we have been inviting people and artistic groups from all over the country to create works that reuse waste.
- social impacts
350 people have participated in the 3 years
4 categories: children, youth, adults and groups, throughout the entire national territory
8 awareness and education workshops
- environmental impacts
140 works of art made from waste
1 clean points artistically intervened by young people and adults with Down syndrome from the Complementa Foundation
- cultural and communication impacts
3 exhibitions in the CCU Art Room with winners and honorable mentions
+ 36 publications in social media educating about art with reused material

Campaign for the recovery of disused electronic equipment at a national level, to recondition them and donate them to students from vulnerable contexts.
- social impacts
+2700 donated equipment
9 people with disabilities hired
+90 beneficiary organizations
+70,000 impacted students.
- environmental impacts
+57,000 kg of WEEEs recovered
+240 recovery points in the country
+1,500 organized house-to-house retreats
- cultural and communication impact
+2,000,000 accounts reached in rss.
91 appearances in the national press
1 First place Zero Waste category Social Innovation
1 First place Sustainability Hub LT-Pulse in the social impact category

Juntos por el Parque
Plastic recycling recovery campaign for PEPSICO that aimed for the recovery of flexible plastic and PET, together with the community, with the final result of the first eco-challenge park, built with plastic wood inside Parque Cerrillos.
- social impact
2 ecoparks for the community
+100 affiliated schools.
25 grassroots recyclers trained
+50 containers installed in schools, nurseries, and companies
environmental impact
+15,000 kg of recovered waste
+28,655 eco-bottles recovered.
22,500 Kg of CO2 not emitted
588,900 savings in liters of water
- cultural and communication impact
1 chapter in National Geographic's Planet Love
+150 people in corporate volunteering
+2700 people directly impacted in fairs and webinars
+60,000 interactions

Banco Social de Latas
Triple impact project that brings together 1,000 schools in 4 regions of the country in a campaign to recover 50 tons of aluminum cans and promote recycling, environmental education and the circular economy in Chile.
- social impact
Donation of a Library of Dreams for a vulnerable school
1000 affiliated schools.
30 awarded schools
2 foundations benefited
- environmental impact
+10,000 kg of recovered waste
+700,000 recovered cans
+500 containers installed in schools and gardens
- cultural and communication impact
+85,000 accounts reached in rss.
20 appearances in the national press
1 month of television campaign in prime time.
ConnectFacebook: @kykloschile
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