What We DoWeAct is a social business from Switzerland with the mission to get people engaged in sustainability by implementing online-based programs (team challenges), leveraging gamification, learning by doing and team dynamics. WeAct works with leading companies and organisations by offering digital employee engagement programs on sustainability, health and collaboration.
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Our Mission“Everyone has the power to change the world.”

We Act is on a mission to inspire and motivate people for sustainable action at all ages in schools, universities and companies. In doing so, the participants benefit from increased well-being and at the same time learn to respect the limits of natural resources. This will allow future generations a lifestyle with the same opportunities as today.

Three Core Principles:
1. Learning by doing, rather than by information-flooding
2. Team dynamics, rather than lone fighters
3. Gamification, rather than “must” and “should”
Areas of WorkWeAct applies our three core principles through solutions based on our unique team-challenge format and interactive online platform. Online-based, playful engagement programmes help organisations achieve behavioural changes in three areas: anchoring sustainability, workplace health promotion, and cooperation and communication. WeAct provides customizable, scalable online solutions for businesses and universities, youth projects and sustainability education, consulting, workshops and programmes for any organisational size.
Success StoriesFrom 2013 through 2018, WeAct has implemented over 40 programs (“challenges”) with more than 13,000 participants and over 150 organisations. WeAct works with leading organisations in Switzerland, such as Zurich Insurance, SBB (the national railways), IKEA Switzerland, EPFL and many more.
Collaboration OpportunitiesAssets we can share:
- Our proprietary online platform and app for behaviour change, available in 4+ languages and containing 50+ activities for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle
- Impact framework for measuring behaviour change
- Knowledge and brand awareness of the corporate sustainability market in Switzerland

What we are interested in:
- Expanding and doing projects globally together with local partners, where we can leverage our platform, including joint fundraising
Project HighlightsSee our impact report at weact.ch/impact.
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