The FAct! or Food Actions! is a programme that addresses major food challenges by exploring the health and environment aspects of eating habits. The project has developed and tested a self-learning workbook for adults wishing to learn how to adopt more sustainable food habits.

The workbook was created in six languages: English, German, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and Basque. It covers 3 main topics, food waste, climate & Environment, and food & health. As well as these topics was designed to empower adults to make decisions based on not only what is good for them but also what is good for the planet.

It was a pilot project and managed to recruit 264 households to test the programme. The results showed that more than half of the participants made behaviour changes that they have established as new habits. The project also had a hugely successful media reach – reaching close to 200,000 recipients via social media and a further half a million through mass media in Hungary.

The 4 partners of the project are all members of the GAP International Network, with prior experience of working together:

  • GAP International as lead applicant
  • Agado from Germany
  • TVE from Hungary
  • InEuropa from Italy
  • GAP Spain

The project was funded by EU within the Erasmus+ programme KA2 SP- Cooperation and Innovation projects – Adult Education, by the Swedish National Agency, you can read more on theĀ Erasmus+ projects website.

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