Global Action Plan International is a diverse international network of organisations with the shared belief that radical changes to consumption are needed to address the pressing environmental and social challenges we face, and that people are the key to achieving this. Each member organisation is an independent entity with full responsibility over designing and delivering appropriate programmes, and for its financing and financial management.

All network members design and deliver behaviour change programmes that reduce our impact on the planet. These programmes use the latest research insight and are evaluated to measure impact. The network acts as the global catalyst, sharing the most successful approaches, tools and programmes with its members across the world who adapt them for local delivery. This allows the network to get proven approaches to scale quickly and effectively through coordinated international action.

GAP International members at the 2018 AGM in the Netherlands

Origins of Global Action Plan 

The GAP International network was formed in the late 1980s on a shared belief that we needed a radical change to human consumption patterns across the globe to avoid the irreversible destruction of our planet. The founders of GAP used computer modelling to demonstrate that if we could change the behaviours of people in the developed world, this could pave the way for a more sustainable future. Together they set about trying to create compelling evidence that this could be done in advance of the Rio Summit in 1992. This led to the birth of Ecoteams, a model to reduce household resource use. Ecoteams was trialled first in the US and the Netherlands before broadening its scope to the rapidly growing network of GAP member countries. This model of national development proceeded by international expansion is still used today—decades later—with members jointly delivering many programmes across the world to save precious resources, live more sustainable lives, and protect the future of our planet.

Today, the GAP International network still shares the same beliefs as the network’s founders—that radical changes to consumption are needed and people are key to achieving them.

You can find out more information on our members’ recent projects here.