Global Action Plan International

Global Action Plan International is a global network of organisations who work together, implementing approaches that empower people across the world to adopt truly sustainable lifestyles.

“Our mission is to be a global behavior change catalyst; to work together to advance and implement approaches that empower people across the world to adopt truly sustainable lifestyles.”

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What our members say

One of the main activities of TVE is environmental behaviour change. The GAP family has a wealth of experience in this area from which we can learn a lot. It’s like a big jigsaw puzzle, where everyone adds a piece, and everyone benefits from the whole picture.

Noemi Andacs
Tudatos Vásárlók Egyesülete (Hungary)

The GAP international community welcomes all people concerned about the environment and global justice. Everyone has a voice and can contribute to the important work of the network to shape a better future. The common projects, the exchange, the mutual learning process and thus the empowement that comes from it is of great value to me and our work.

Vivien Führ
agado – Association for Sustainable Development (Germany)

In my opinion, being part of the international GAP I network is extremely beneficial when working in the fields of environmental protection, sustainable development and social change. It unifies people from around the world from different backgrounds with manifold knowledge and skills. All strengths combined make it easy to develop projects that can really make a difference.

Sandrina Felder
agado – Association for Sustainable Development (Germany)

I’d been already devoted to work for people & planet before I joined Global Action Plan. However with its network of people and organisations it got me involved in bigger projects and has given me broader perspectives. Support, cross-cultural experience & understanding are also of a great value of GAP.

Blanka Kolago-Szymczak
Global Action Plan Poland

Contributing to positive change from different places and contexts. Being a part of GAP has shown me how we can address issues that, despite being geographically distant, are often the same. We are not alone in this; GAP aims to make a difference from both a social and environmental perspective.

Tamara Vargas
Kyklos (Chile)

Climate change is a complex and twisted problem. There is not one single cause, nor one single solution. This is why networking is so important, especially for those of us who work on the cultural change that is needed. GAP I has given us new perspectives and ideas to see how to contribute to the desire – and need – of our clients to operate in harmony with the social and natural environment.

Paula Peters
Kyklos (Chile)

GAP International is a dynamic network – a positive place where all ideas are respected and listened to. We connect organisations, currently from 4 continents across the globe to collaborate on sustainability projects. When we work together, despite our locational differences, real, long-lasting change happens.

Jodie Velarde
GAP UK (United Kingdom)

I am pleased to collaborate with GAP I because I share its positive approach to change and because it provides opportunities to exchange information and learn from the experiences of other people. Change is inevitable, but growth is option. And what GAP I does is to help you on the journey of growth.

Dario Marchini
InEuropa Srl (Italy)

GAP International is a friendly and open network that exemplifies the interconnectedness of our shared home and how the members across Europe and the world are striving together to support communities and address challenges. The collaborations on projects, the opportunities for shared learning, the support and the relationships developed through the network are very beneficial individually as a member and more importantly as a collective force for positive change.

Bernadette Connolly
Cork Environmental Forum ltd (Ireland)

At Global Action Plan, we are focused on environmental behaviour change. The fact that we are part of a global network of people and organisations with a similar ethos is a huge support for us, as we share ideas, experiences and expertise.

Hans Zomer
Global Action Plan Ireland

I am very proud to collaborate with GAP I and contribute on issues concerning environmental protection, sustainable development and social change. One of the qualities I most appreciate about GAP I is its ability to bring people from all over the world together, overcoming the obstacles that different cultures and social contexts can create. This is reflected in the quality of the projects that are implemented. In my opinion, it is precisely from these relationships that real processes of change can take place.

Alessandro Grandoni
InEuropa Srl (Italy)

As an organisation, we have hugely benefitted from from our GAP-I membership; being involved in collective projects, sharing knowledge with other partners, and being part of a global movement aligned with our values. From a personal perspective, GAP-I has also offered amazing opportunities; to collaborate with others internationally, to avail of mentorship and training, and to develop strong and meaningful professional relationships.

Alex Whyatt
Global Action Plan Ireland

Global Action Plan International is the network of people and friends who gave me the chance to challenge myself to be more sustainable in what I do and in my lifestyle. Energy, good vibes, support, positivity, relationship, empowerment is what it can be experienced in working or simply confronting with the family of GAP I. Change isn’t easy but nor impossible when experiencing the GAP I approaches and programmes.

Monica Monti
InEuropa Srl (Italy)

GAP international is an worldwide family bringing together people who care about the good of the world. GAP I member organisations share, learn and work together to increase individuals’ awareness on global challenges and engage them to make a change.

Barbara Grazzini
InEuropa Srl (Italy)

The International network inspires me, because the connection supports and encourages mutually. In our organisation Aarde-Werk de Stegge, we are intensely working with young people all over Europe, it is inspiring to learn and meet the members of GAP-I. Together, we can have such an impact on global changing to a more sustainable world.

Gea Boessenkool
GAP Nederland (Netherlands)

Joining Global Action Plan International has been an immensely enriching and professionally transformative experience for me. I’ve had the privilege of engaging with like-minded individuals, collaborating on issues of behaviour change and human action endeavours. Face-to-face meetings and discussions have provided a valuable platform for exchanging ideas. The master classes and programs offered by GAP-I have been instrumental in my learning journey, contributing to a refreshing transformation. I am proud to be part of this impactful journey that not only transforms me but also equips me with the skills and knowledge to effect change in others. I’ve emerged as a strong influencer in education, thanks to this profound transformation.

Maina Gioko
Individual Associate (Kenya)

By bringing together successful organisations from many different countries the GAP-I network contributes to the momentum for behavioural and societal change in response to today’s environmental, economic and social challenges.

Frans Lenglet
Individual Associate (Sweden)

GAP is a place where creative ideas are implemented, supported, and collectively aimed at millennium goals, and particularly, behavior change is at the core of the organization, which helps ensure GAP’s sustainability.

Tran Thi Kim Hoan
C&E Vietnam

I particularly like the behavioral change approach used by the GAP I network in their numerous international projects. It helps to meet people where they are. They are motivated and empowered to be the force of change they want to see in the world.

Katharina Koböck
agado – Association for Sustainable Development (Germany)

I believe that in this historical period, global challenges can be effectively addressed by networking skills, methods and people who care about the individual and our planet. GAP is all of this: a group of organisations and people who put themselves on the line to promote processes of change in an innovative and inspiring way, promoting a bottom-up (individual) approach for the good of our planet.

Andrea Pignatti
InEuropa Srl (Italy)

The work that GAP International and its members do is so incredibly important. In the face of a climate and ecological crisis, driven by excessive consumption and feeding on materialistic values, the GAP International community is a much needed champion of an alternative, more compassionate and positively impactful society, economy and world. This vital work is needed now more than ever before.

Luke Wynne
Individual Associate (UK)

Change sometimes can be challenging, but being part of GAP International network helps to be inspired by it and to embark on an awareness journey to shape a more sustainable world. The expertise, passion and motivation behind the unique voice of GAP I are incredibly powerful and impactful, as every organization part of this active network is fully represented and opinions and ideas heard and respected. GAP I projects demonstrate how joining forces can have great impact for individuals and society, and how being part of a community with shared vision and common values is a key to tackling global challenges, one step at a time.

Chiara Giacomin
InEuropa Srl (Italy)

GAP International is a network that provides opportunities to exchange information and learn from the experience of others. It’s a way to stay up to date on trends, best practices, and current projects. Networking with people from around the world gives us a broader global perspective, which can be invaluable in today’s interconnected world.

Olaia Saenz
Global Action Plan Spain

Who could bring someone to change by saying that everything is getting worse day by day? Nobody. Global Action Plan International’s approach focuses on positivity: we need to change our behavior, step by step, giving value to the single and small steps. This approach became the basis of a super network of organizations arounf the world, to maximise the impact on people. Step by step, country by country, we can work together to bring people to act with awareness in a better world.

Elisa Lai
InEuropa Srl (Italy)

Climate change and environmental issues can’t be solved by one organisation or nation alone. That’s why it’s really important to be part of a network like Global Action Plan International, so we can share ideas and learnings to achieve greater impact together.

Natasha Lokhun
GAP UK (United Kingdom)


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