Global Action Plan International

Global Action Plan International is a global network of organisations who work together to share best practice in advancing and implementing approaches that empower people across the world to adopt truly sustainable lifestyles. Find out more here.

Recent Projects

Water Explorer
Water Explorer encourages students aged 8-14 from 11 countries to take bold and powerful action to save our precious water through
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E.ON Environmental Champions
A three year partnership with E.ON saw teams of students, and many excited E.ON volunteers, leading energy and waste reduction
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Clearly Sustainable
Clearly Sustainable is a series of podcasts which explores the use of English language words and terms used when discussing
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Goals For Good
What is Goals for Good? Goals for Good is an exciting new course that draws from research into positive psychology and sustainability
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The FAct! or Food Actions! is a programme that addresses major food challenges by exploring the health and environment aspects
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