Global Action Plan International is a registered charitable association (ideell förening) in Stockholm, Sweden and is subject to the rules governing such a body as detailed in our Articles of Association.


With so many members across the world, it is important that the network is facilitated well to make sure it is best equipped to achieve its vision. To do this, the GAP International Secretariat supports members through four main areas of activity:

  1. Managing memberships
  2. Coordinating international knowledge and skills exchange
  3. Building the network’s identity and profile
  4. Developing relationships and funding opportunities

Hannah Boughton of Global Action Plan UK currently fill the role of GAP International Secretariat.

Strategy & governance

The Board, comprised of representatives from GAP member organisations and individual associates, oversee the activities delivered by the Secretariat on behalf of the network. The Board is appointed each year at the network’s AGM with each representative standing for a two-year tenure.

The GAP International Board

Barbara Grazzini is the Deputy President of InEuropa Srl, GAP’s member organisation in Italy, which she founded in 2006 and has managed since.

In 1996, she graduated in Languages and Foreign Literatures, Social Urban Geography branch, at Pisa University. She first approached European issues while she was earning a postgraduate Master’s in Economy and Law Issues, European Countries, that same year. She has been working on the design and management of European projects since then, delivering training, information and technical assistance for private and public organisations in Italy and in Europe.

In 2009, InEuropa started a cooperation with the GAP network to run programmes on behaviour change in Italy: starting from the Environmental Champions programme, followed by Environmental champions in schools like the ongoing Water Explorer (an international water-saving school programme), the Food Action project (FAct!) to reduce our food footprint, and the Goals for Good programme addressing the happiness and well-being of young people.

In 2014 InEuropa joined the GAP network as a member.

Barbara is a facilitator, applying the learning-for-change process in her job and in her everyday life. She is a determined and outgoing person, with very important qualities to ensure successful results in the design/projecting, management and coordination of European and international projects.

For space

Ellen van den Adel‘s passion is people and sustainability. Empowering people to take effective sustainable actions in their workplaces and communities has been her area of expertise and development since 1999 when she started her sustainability career at Global Action Plan Netherlands and later as a partner of Work on Progress. Since then she has supported companies in creating a sustainable internal culture or developing products and services from a sustainable innovation perspective, mainly focusing on Cradle-to-Cradle/Circular Economy. She has worked for companies like Philips Consumer Lifestyle, C&A Europe, Stayokay Netherlands/Hostelling International, Sankara Hotel Nairobi, United States International University Nairobi, and Triodos Bank Europe.

Presently, she is active in the field of sustainable fashion and facilitates a group of designers and brand managers of 12 international children’s fashion brands to develop a more sustainable supply chain and innovate in the field of circular textiles. She also supports the Dutch government and branch organisations on this topic.

She is interested in developing more knowledge in the field of sustainable and healthy food. In her role as board member of GAP Netherlands, she is one of the initiators of the programme ‘Fair Foodclub’.

She holds a Bachelor’s in Marketing and a Master’s in Organisational Science (Organisational Culture and Management), and she is educated as a trainer and personal coach. In addition, she is a certified health educator (Hippocrates Health Institute). She lives in the “Green Heart of Holland” with her husband and loves nature photography in her private time.

Frans Lenglet, who received his Ph.D. in International Development Education from Stanford University, recently retired from the directorship of the Swedish International Centre of Education for Sustainable Development (SWEDESD) at Uppsala University, Visby, Sweden.

 Most of his professional career since 1974 is situated in the domains of ‘education and learning’, ‘development and transformation’, ‘educational reform’ and ‘internationalising higher education’, and associated ‘capacity development’ in Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, South and South-East Asia, the USA and Western Europe.

He is engaged in appropriate approaches and methods of “learning for sustainable change” in formal, non-formal and informal educational settings. Such learning aims at empowering individuals, communities and organisations to reach and act on sustainable choices affecting their own livelihoods and well-being as well as those of other people and future generations, within planetary boundaries.

Just so there is a space

Luke Wynne served as coordinator to the GAP International Network for 4 years and did an excellent job in running the daily operation of the network with the support of Hannah Boughton.

He is Head of Schools at Global Action Plan UK, one of the leading environmental behaviour change charities in the UK. He is responsible for GAP’s education and learning programmes for schools throughout the UK and Europe, including leading the development and delivery of the Water Explorer education programme, that ran in 11 countries.

As a former school teacher Luke is a confident communicator and an excellent manager, coach and motivator of people; committed to supporting and developing high performing teams to achieve long lasting and measurable outcomes. Luke holds a master in environmental management of the Deakin University.


Maina WaGĩokõ is the Vice Principal of PD and outreach at the Aga Khan Academy, Mombasa (a Microsoft Showcase School). Maina is a Lead Facilitator for Coreskills and Competency-Based Curriculum and a Teacher Educator.

Maina is an examiner, an online facilitator, a workshop leader and a school reviewer with International Baccalaureate. He holds a Master’s in Education from Aga Khan University in Pakistan and a Ph.D. from Swiss Management Center University in Switzerland. He has coordinated Education Programmes in a multi-sectoral, -country, -agencies and -donors set up in Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, USA, and Canada. He is a journal reviewer and an author with IB Journal of Teaching Practice, Education and Information Technologies, and Professional Development.

His research interests are in project management, teacher leadership, curriculum enrichment, and sustainable development. Maina is an HGSE FoL Fellow, METIS Fellow, Microsoft Certified Educator, Microsoft Fellow, and a member of International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), International Education and Resource Network (IEARN) and Global Action Plan (GAP). He is a recipient of Second Most Innovative Teacher on Content in Africa (2010) and a finalist African representative at World Wide Innovative Education Forum (WWIEF). He is also Most Innovative Teacher in East and Southern African in 2011 and a Middle East and African Finalist at WWIEF.

Sadan Ertekin Mis is General Coordinator of Mikado Sustainable Development Consulting. Mikado is a social enterprise committed to serve sustainable development and to yield social impact through crafting innovative models and solutions, works in sustainable development in Turkey for 13 years.

Sadan received her BSc in Industrial engineering from Istanbul Technical University (ITU). She studied her MSc in Environmental Science Program at Marmara University in 2013. For 10 years, she had worked in different manufacturing companies.

She now contributes to the development of sustainability strategies, follow-up of its strategic actions, preparation of sustainability reports and development of social investment programs of the companies from various sectors (energy, construction, automotive etc.), execution of environmental education programs and social impact measurement of many projects. She is also trainer in Strategic Sustainability Management and Sustainability Reporting Trainings of Mikado.

She is very keen on accelerating the change towards sustainable behaviors and continue to contribute local and international behavior change programs.

If you would like to get in touch with the board, please use the contact form.