What is the first step to becoming a member?
Send your application for membership of the Network to the Board by using our contact form.
Who decides on membership?
After the application has been sent to the Board, it will be considered by the Board.
The Board will communicate its decision in writing to the applicant within 8 weeks. The organisation or individual whose membership application has been denied by the Board has the right of appeal.
Can we name our organisation 'Global Action Plan'?
Preferably not. Some of the original member organisations carry that name, but most have names and styles adapted to their own culture and constituency.
How do I qualify to become an organisational member?
An organisation can become a member if it uses or commits to learning GAP-I approaches and methods and introducing at least one 'GAP style' program for its constituency.
See here for more information.
How do I qualify to become an associate member?
An individual or organisation can become an associated member because they share GAP-I’s philosophy and purpose, are supportive of the effort of the network and its individual members and wish to make a contribution to make the network thrive.
See here for more information.

Have more questions about becoming a GAP International member? Ask us via our contact page.