Who decides on membership?
The secretariat can make a preliminary decision to admit a member. The decision needs to then be approved by the annual assembly of members (AGM). By the second AGM after preliminary admission, the new member organisation needs to present a functioning GAP programme, or a credible plan to introduce one.
What is the first step to becoming a member?
Let the secretariat know of your interest in becoming a member by using our contact form.
Can we name our organisation 'Global Action Plan'?
Preferably not. Some of the original member organisations carry that name, but most have names and styles adapted to their own culture and constituency.
How do I qualify to become an individual associate?
Anybody who supports our mission and abides by the decisions of the AGM (under Swedish law) can qualify to become an individual associate. See here for more information.

Have more questions about becoming a GAP International member? Ask us via our contact page.