The Global Action Plan International network has a total of 20 members, including organisations and associates.

If you’re interested in joining the GAP International network, please contact [email protected]


Member organisations span across 18 countries all over the world including Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Click on our members map or the flags below to find out more information about each of our members

agado (Germany)

C&E (Vietnam)

Framtiden i våre
hender (Norway)

GAP Ireland

GAP Netherlands

GAP Poland

GAP Spain


InEuropa (Italy)

JUMP! (Thailand)

Kyklos (Chile)

Mikado (Turkey)

TEF (Ireland)

TVE (Hungary)

The members organisations are also joined by 7 associate members.

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Frans Lenglet

Maina WaGioko

Olena Zarichna

Galina Gupan



Luke Wynne