What i doI am a teacher educator by profession who is currently heading a professional development capacity center at the Aga Khan Schools Academy Mombasa. I am the project director for a 5 year project called foundation for learning aimed at improving literacy, numeracy and leadership at early years education. I am also the Globall coordinator for a 3 country (Bangladesh, Kenya and Rwanda) Knowledge Innovation Exchange project aimed at explirmg Education Rechnlogy Project Scalling up. I am a Regional Master Facilitator, a researcher and an author in Innovatoive pedagogies, Instructional Leadershioo and Gender and Inclusive Education. I sit in the technical working group International Federation for International Federation forInformation Processing and I am the board chair of The Action Foundation.
I am a journal reviewer with SN Comuter Science and Education and Information Technologies. I have published in several areas. Some of my work can be viewed here.
LocationMombbasa, Kenya
Member since2003
Member typeIndividual associate
Why I’m a member
Education for sustainable development is a key areas for me. I explore opportunities to enrich the curruicullum so that the learning can be equipped with knowledge, skills, values and attitudes which make the world a better place to live, work with others and utilize teh resources effectively. Being a member has developed network which are networth as they have build my knowledge, enriched my perspectives as well as create opportunity to collaborate with the people i interact with.
Areas of workInnovative Pedagogies / Tranformatonal Leadership / Education for Sustainable development
Collaboration opportunityEducation Project or Programmes
Change Program
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