EFDI: Inclusive educational material now available

Did you know that the equivalent of 11 football pitches of rainforest is cut down every minute for paper production, soya plantations or pastures leading to a massive release of Co2? Did you know that every minute a lorry full of plastic ends up in the sea and kills its biodiversity piece by piece? And did you know that people with disabilities are one of the most endangered groups having to face the consequences of climate change set in motion by these interventions in nature?

EFDI – Ecological Future Diverse and Inclusive aims to empower people with disabilities and makes knowledge, skills and opportunities for participation on the topics of climate protection and sustainability easily accessible for people with intellectual and/or complex disabilities.

The project team from Austria (LebensGroß formerly Lebenshilfe), Romania (A.R.T Fusion), Slovakia (Center of Social Services Sibirka) and Germany (agado – Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Entwicklung) designed four educational materials on the topics of climate & food, climate & biodiversity, climate & consumption and climate & mobility for people with intellectual learning disabilities and their carers.

1. Curriculum: Background information and suggested actions for people who care for people with learning difficulties, e.g. in a residential group.

2. Community Guidelines: Action suggestions for associations or neighbourhoods that would like to carry out inclusive climate action, e.g. in a community garden.

3. Campaigning Set: For people with learning difficulties who would like to plan and carry out climate protection campaigns themselves.

4. Multisensory Art- and Toolbox: Exercises for people with learning difficulties and high support needs that involve all the senses.

With these materials the project would like to raise awareness of climate protection and sustainability, contribute to an ecologically conscious lifestyle, promote civic engagement, encourage both the participation of people with disabilities in campaigns and initiatives and civil society organisations to contribute to inclusive climate protection.

If you are interested in the developed materials and would like to be a part of the EFDI community, feel free to visit www.efdi-project.eu to download the materials for free or get in contact with us directly.


agado – Gesellschaft für nachhaltige Entwicklung UG
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80807 Munich
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