Just Action project’s resources ready to be used by primary and secondary teachers

The definitive Just Action set of teacher resources are now available in four languages on the official website www.justactionjourney.com

After two years of hard work, Erasmus+ funded project Just Action has completed the free resources for primary and secondary school teachers who want to teach Global Citizenship Education by focusing on students‘ action.

The partnership, composed by GAP members GAP Ireland, GAP Spain, InEuropa (Italy) and Framtiden (Norway), created two tools that might come in handy to any teacher who wants to bring their students to action as global citizens: the Student’s Journey and the Teacher’s Journey.

The Student’s Journey consists of classroom activities for upper-primary and lower-secondary teachers, meant to act on three levels: in the classroom, at school and in local communities. The student activities map out a student journey (pictured), focusing on thematic topics relevant to GCE. By starting in the centre, teachers can engage their class in building the knowledge and values of active citizens; the second layer offers ways that classes can influence change at school, while the outer layer reaches out to support and influence the wider community.

The activities are connected to the learning outcomes in national curriculum (in Ireland, Spain, Norway and Italy) and to Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring that teachers can meet objectives while foregrounding questions of environmental and social sustainability. The ultimate goal of Just Action is that teachers will be better able to support students and colleagues in whole-school action that reaches beyond the school gates.

The Teacher’s Journey is self-guided teacher training material to support deeper engagement in GCE. It can be used as a training module, a reference, or a source of inspiration. Beautifully-designed reflective tasks encourage teachers to go deeper in their own practice and find ways to develop as practitioners teaching for social and environmental justice.

Just Action resources are and will always be free, but you’ll need to set up an account to get started. Check out www.justactionjourney.com.