GAP International’s member organisations have numerous success stories for their various partners and projects. Below are just a few examples of on-the-ground work that has been undertaken in recent years. Click on the title of each description to read more about it.

Interning with GAP UK: A personal story from Irene, an Italian university student who was able to intern in London for a summer, learning about GAP UK and its various programmes and campaigns. Irene’s example is one of several similar stories for GAP International’s member organisations.

The Fuel Cells Hydrogen Educational Model: A campaign to promote the use of fuel cell and hydrogen technologies in future generations by teaching these technologies in classrooms today.

The SUPER Project: Improving adult education opportunities by providing individuals with new and exciting training programs across Europe. The SUPER Project helps professionals and post-secondary students alike find internships, training courses, and more to advance their competencies in the fields of environmentalism and sustainability.

SUPER Stories: Examples of The SUPER Project’s professional trainings and courses completed by InEuropa staff.