What I doI am pleased to use the insights and experiences of my professional experience of more than 50 years (see below) for advancing the practice and impact of individual and collective learning in the face of the huge existential challenges the world is facing. Such learning aims at empowering individuals, communities and organisations to reach and act on sustainable and just and fair choices affecting themselves and their natural and social environments, and the well-being and livelihoods of other people and future generations world-wide, within planetary boundaries.

Since my original studies in sociology (started in 1966) I have been interested and engaged in issues of emancipation, non-discrimination and transformation; social and economic justice; social, economic, cultural diversity and development; equality; and environmental integrity, as they are expressed and can be influenced through communication media, formal and non-formal learning, training and education institutions, whether individually, in groups or with large audiences. I have done so as (field) researcher and evaluator, material developer and trainer, and team leader and manager, in universities, ministries of education and agriculture, bilateral and multilateral organisations (incl. UNESCO, World Bank, ILO, WHO), and national and international NGOs, in a variety of countries and settings.

Since 2022 I am serving as Chair of the Board of GAP International.
LocationUppsala, Sweden
Member since2016
Member typeIndividual associate
Why I’m a member
I believe in GAP-I’s vision and mission and wish to see them achieved through intensive, creative and fruitful exchange and cooperation among the GAP-I network member organisations.
Areas of workEducation, pedagogy, social learning, distance learning, evaluation
Collaboration opportunityI know a large number of persons, organisations and networks with which collaboration can be explored.