What I doI am a teacher and school manager, collaborating with a few NGOs as a trainer. In 2022-2023, I coordinated GAP project Make Education Not War in Ukraine. I involved teachers from different regions of Ukraine in the project to work with students who ended up abroad because of the war
LocationTernopil, Ukraine
Member since2022
Member typeHonorary Individual Associates
Why I’m a member
I am honoured to be an associate member of an international organisation known for its projects dedicated to sustainable development. Sustainable development is my lifestyle and my mission. I enjoy taking part in GAP activities, I feel my involvement in an important cause.
Areas of workFormal and non-formal educatiоn, adult education, international students exchange, international cooperation, Education for Sustainable development
Collaboration opportunityI have a network of active teachers from different regions of Ukraine and Europe, I am ready to share the experience of interaction in education for Sustainable Development, to share the experience of developing students’ critical thinking
Contact[email protected]