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What We DoSince 1996, GAP Spain has been working with individuals, institutions & communities to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change and to promote a more sustainable way of living. GAP Spain achieves this through several proven programmes developed by GAP Spain or by other members of the GAP network, many of which are digitally based and run from online platforms. GAP Spain has worked with both national & local governments, as well as major multinationals, and to date has participated in 6 European Union funded projects.
LocationMadrid and Bilbao, Spain
Member Since1996
Member TypeMember organisation

Our MissionWe work with people to mitigate the negative impacts of climate change and promote a more sustainable way of living
Success storiesSince 1996 GAP Spain has worked with many organizations with the most successful projects being:

- Basque Government: between 2006 to 2009, encouraging householders to participate in the Eco Team programme. Over 24.400 households registered.
- Iberdrola: a programme offering an internet based tool called “Huella Verde” (Green footprint” to customers, and 13.100 registered in 2009. And ran for 12 months with an estimated savings of 5,500 tonnes of CO2 emissions.
- E.ON: In 2011, GAP Spain ran an employee volunteer program called “Environmental Champions” for E.ON. In all, 8 schools and over 500 children participated in three provinces. The schools saved 9% in their energy usage. In 2012, the same programme was used by the national railway bodies “ADIF & RENFE”.
- CEPSA: promoting “Programa Gap” to employees in 5 different countries and over 800 participated in 2012.
- Regional Government of Bizkaia + 11 locally based entities from both public & private sector: between 2015 to 2021 a programme was run called “Actívate+” that encouraged communities to become more sustainable. Over 20.400 registered
- 10 Spanish Universities: since 2018, GAP Spain has worked with universities to mitigate their impact on the Climate and encouraging sustainable habits by working with students, teachers & staff. To date over 14.300 university community members have participated.
Areas of WorkGAP Spain is active in the field of education for sustainable development, and related programmes for sustainable behaviour change. In addition, GAP Spain implements communicative and practical tools - many being digitally based - and methodologies, and organises trainings and courses with adults and youth.
Collaboration OpportunitiesGAP Spain has a history of collaborating with a wide selection of partners, ranging from local government to communities and businesses. The organisation offers a comprehensive range of programmes, all aimed at encouraging a more sustainable way of living.
Project HighlightsActívate+
The programme is based on covering the province of Bizkaia over a six-year period, with a project based on two GAP programmes: Environmental Champions & Programa Gap. Local schools adopt an energy and/or waste programme that is run during the academic year. The local community is involved, whereby households participate in a web-based programme to reduce their environmental impact, first by incorporating the parents of the schools involved and then by inviting the rest of the community to participate, using the local municipalities to spearhead communication.

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