What We DoInEuropa is an Italian company that was created for the purpose of informing and sensitising public and private bodies to policies and programmes of the European Union. The purpose in doing so is to facilitate European cooperation among organisations of different countries, fostering growth and innovation. The InEuropa team consists of facilitators of change, who aim to initiate and aid a process of growth and change that may lead to the development of new initiatives. InEuropa specifically helps to reinforce people’s and organisations' presence in the market by fostering local development and creating transnational ground fostering exchange and innovation processes, while always thinking sustainably.
LocationModena, Italy
Member SinceInEuropa was created in 2006 by Barbara Grazzini and Andrea Pignatti, both of whom have been experts in EU funding programs for more than 20 years.
Member TypeBoard member
Our Mission- To raise awareness of and inform local authorities and organisations on European policies and opportunities which are linked to local development;
- To favour the start of a process of innovation, as well as overall sustainable growth within territorial bodies and the development of European networks;
- To find European financial contributors to strategic activities;
- To create a project designing “culture” on the territory;
- To join and support municipalities and other territorial bodies in project development and management;
- To promote environmental behaviour change within public and private companies, schools and within the local community.
Areas of WorkInformation, training, technical assistance for developing new projects and the management of running projects are the main activities, with special regards to the fields of culture, social Issues and the environment.
Collaboration OpportunitiesInEuropa ensures the possibility of entering and creating networks of European partners for the design and dissemination of project ideas and networking activities. InEuropa is active and provides information and services on national and international level related to EU funds, project design and EU project management, collaborating with public bodies and/or private entities as regions, provinces, municipalities and union of municipalities, associations, local development entities, foundations, universities, research institutes and centres from all over Italy.
Project HighlightsWaterExplorer: Since 2014, InEuropa has been running the project Water Explorer with GAP UK, a project targeting schools in 16 countries that is based on the online WaterExplorers platform. Teachers and students are proposed challenges and simple actions to learn how to save water and raise awareness within their communities on water-related issues. The project actively involves almost 194 schools throughout Italy.

FAct! Food Actions: A participatory learning and training package for food-wise households (Erasmus+ KA2 ADULTS) that is aimed at fostering informal self-learning opportunities for adults in relation to sustainable food habits to decrease food waste and environmental footprint of food consumption.

Goals for Good: A research-led programme being offered in the UK, Italy and Hungary addressing young employees (18-30) to take part in two goal-setting courses, which bring together the latest research on motivation, goal-setting, purpose and well-being. At a life stage where young people are starting to make choices that will shape their lives for years to come, the Goals for Good courses will enable them to reflect on what will truly bring them happiness and take steps towards the life they want to lead.
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