Empowering people to live and work increasingly sustainably

Working together

Sustainability requires collaboration. GAP is a membership not-for-profit network with currently 26 organizational members in 23 countries on five continents.

All members are independent, using common methods and tools to become more effective. As a community we learn from each other to enhance our impact. As a group we publish our results. 

Action programs

Sustainability is about action. GAP delivers behaviour change programs for households and communities, youth and schools, and for the workplace. All programs follow proven design principles and provide measurable results. Through action research, the principles are constantly refined.

We also offer our more than 20 years of experience though seminars and workshops to business, NGOs and other organizations. 

Behaviour change

The individual is key to sustainability. Looking at habits and consumption patterns in a playful and non-judgmental way makes it easy to change. Through GAP's principles of empowerment, participants find their own ways to introduce new, more sustainable habits -- and to develop support systems to make them stick.

Empowered people make all the difference. Every day.

Sustainable tourism outside the world heritage city of Hoi An, Vietnam

Our colleagues in Vietnam have wonderful projects - which is one reason we're having our annual international gathering there in April, and indeed one reason the gathering will conclude with a full day of study visits in the Hoi An region. Congratulations to Giang and team at Action for the City!

3rd International Convention of Environmental Laureates – 2014

The International Convention of Environmental Laureates, which is hosted by by the European Environment Foundation, provides a platform for winners of prestigious international environmental prizes and awards to exchange their ideas and experience on helping to shape environmental policy.

Second Baltic ESD conference

A conference that actually resulted in concrete project suggestions. Several GAPpers were there andwere very active.
Group 9 was about Community Visions. Marilyn Mehlmann is the contact person.

Ukranian member TDP made a great EcoTeam promo

Our Ukrainian meber organization Teachers for Democracy and Partnership are making great strides with the EcoTeam program – the GAP flagship behaviour change program. And they are creating great publicity around it, which is part of the process.

Here is their latest EcoTeam video, with English subtitles :)

Global Action Plan International on UNESCO Commitment Launch

UNESCO's world conference on ESD in Nagoya closes with the unanimous adoption of The Aichi-Nagoya Declaration and the launch of the Global Action Programme.

UNESCO features the 360 launch commitments to support Global Action Programme (GAP) on ESD in the form of an interactive world map. You can find Global Action Plan International as one of the committed organizations if you click Sweden!


Connecting ideas with power

From the World Resources Forum 2014 in Arequipa, Peru: GAP's Marilyn Mehlmann is interviewed by the Peruvian Minstry of environment after her plenary speech. The forum, held for the first time in Latin America, drew 1000 participants.


New podcast: Mike Holden talks about his GAP work in Ireland

Mike came to Ireland because he thought the world was coming to an end and Ireland would then be a good place to be. 20 years later the world hasn't come to an end and Ireland is still a good place to be. In the mean time, Mike has worked with implementations of GAP type behaviour change programs. He tells the story, interviewed by Marilyn Mehlmann.

Listen to the podcast.

7th National Conference and 1st Sustainable School Award in Ukraine

It is the 7th year in a row that our partner, Teachers for Democracy and Partnerhip (TDP), holds national conference 'Theory and Practice for Education for Sustainable Development'. This conference is part of our ESDA project (education for sustainable development in action) and it is an opportunity for all teachers and coordinators to meet up face to face to discuss and exchange ideas for ESD. Since 14 regions in Ukraine are involved in this project (31,000 students in 2013), it is a precious opportunity for our coordinators and teachers to get together.

Global Action Plan International at World Resources Forum, Davos

Marilyn Mehlmann, general secretary of Global Action Plan International spoke at World Resources Forum in Davos Switzerland. Main conference topics were "Resource Efficiency and Governance“, "Sustainable Business and Industry“, “Sustainable Cities and Infrastructure”, and “Lifestyles and Education”.

Coach Training workshop in Cork, Ireland


The EcoTeam programme supports households to reduce their impact on the environment and to save money. The programme is a unique adult education initiative that has run in Europe since 1990 and has spread to 20 countries worldwide. This training programme is aimed at those who are interested in becoming EcoTeam coaches to deliver the programmes in their communities. This training will be organized by our member organizations in Ireland, Global Action Plan Ireland and Cork Environment Forum, and led by head of trainer of Global Action Plan International. Our member organization TDP from Ukraine will also participate.


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