What We DoAgado accompanies and supports people, organisations, communities and companies on their way to a more sustainable way of life and business. Through campaigns, training, projects and individual support, Agado aims to make a contribution to a fairer, more responsible and future-oriented organisation of our society.
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Our MissionAgado’s goal is to promote sustainable thinking and actions in people and organisations. We believe that sustainable behaviour is best achieved by everyone learning to follow their own path. Further, Agado believes that achieving sustainable development thrives on the commitment of all actors involved and their sharing of knowledge. Our activities are designed to enable one to find and follow their own path.
Areas of WorkAgado is active in the following areas: sustainable procurement in municipalities and companies; behaviour change and empowerment programmes; international cooperations and funded projects. Agado has implemented projects that cover various aspects of sustainable development in companies, municipalities, international organisations, schools and households.
Collaboration OpportunitiesWe are experts on sustainable procurement both for ecological and social criteria. We have many years of experience with supporting local authorities, public administrations and private organisations on sustainable procurement activities. We support and advise companies, municipalities and organisations in the selection of suitable funding programs, the application and the handling of international projects in the field of sustainable development.
Project HighlightsWater Explorer: An international educational program for schools and youth groups, monitored by GAP International.

FAct! Food Actions: Participatory learning and training package for food-wise households (Erasmus plus KA2 ADULTS), aimed at fostering informal self-learning opportunities for adults in relation to sustainable food habits to decrease food waste and the environmental footprint of food consumption.

Employee engagement: Guideline for businesses on how to motivate employees toward sustainable behaviour.

Biodiversity in companies: Developing practical approaches and tools for companies on how to preserve biodiversity within their sphere of influence.

Social responsibility in the services sector: On behalf of the German Standardisation Authority, development of a norm for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in order to support them in the implementation of ideas for sustainable services in the market.

Green economy in the Alpine regions: The Alpine Convention, a framework agreement on sustainable development in the Alpine region, publishes an Alpine Status Report every two years, with a rotating chair. The Alpine Status Reports deal with specific, Alpine-relevant topics and provide information on current ecological, economic and social developments in the Alpine region. Agado supports an Expert Group and the German Presidency in drawing up the state of the Alps Report.
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