What We Doagado accompanies and supports people, organisations, communities and companies on their way to a more sustainable way of life and business. Through campaigns, training, projects and individual support, Agado aims to make a contribution to a fairer, more responsible and future-oriented organisation of our society.
LocationMunich, Germany
Members Since2010
Audiences/SectorLocal authorities/Communities/Businesses/Schools/Universities/Social institutions/General public
Member TypeMember organisation
Our Missionagado’s goal is to promote sustainable thinking and actions in people and organisations. We believe that sustainable behaviour is best achieved by everyone learning to follow their own path. Further, Agado believes that achieving sustainable development thrives on the commitment of all actors involved and their sharing of knowledge. Our activities are designed to enable one to find and follow their own path.
Success storiesagado is a well known and recognised expert organisation for sustainable public procurement in Germany and Europe. Since founding in 2010, agado has provided workshops for and consulted more than 100 local and public authorities in Germany and Europe on this topic and has authored numerous publications on sustainable public procurement. For more information and examples please see: https://www.agado.org/Nachhaltige_Beschaffung.html
Areas of Workagado has implemented projects that cover various aspects of sustainable development in companies, municipalities, international organisations, schools and households.

Our work is based on three pillars:
- sustainable procurement in municipalities and companies
- educational projects for sustainable development
- campaigns and studies
Collaboration OpportunitiesWe are experts on sustainable procurement both for ecological and social criteria. We have many years of experience with supporting local authorities, public administrations and private organisations on sustainable procurement activities.
We carry out innovative educational projects that inform older and younger people about topics related to fair trade, fair shaping of globalisation and environmental and climate protection. In addition, the projects enable our audience to become active themselves and to make their actions more sustainable.
We conduct campaigns and studies in various thematic areas together with other organisations. These include the areas of air quality, biodiversity, green economy, local One World Work and Fair Trade.
Project Highlights1. Sustainable procurement in municipalities and companies

For a study commissioned by Fairtrade Germany, agado interviewed German universities. The study gained insight into the status quo of food and textile procurement at universities. Additionally, it identified drivers and barriers for eco-social procurement to better support universities in the future.

Since 2018 and until today, agado has been conducting workshops and online seminars on sustainable procurement for municipalities and public administrations on behalf of the Baden-Württemberg State Institute of the Environment. In addition to teaching the basics of sustainable development and the 2030 Agenda at the municipal level, the focus is on communicating options for action and practical tips for implementing sustainable procurement for municipal representatives.

2. Educational projects for sustainable development

The EFDI project – Ecological Future Diverse and Inclusive aims to make knowledge, skills and opportunities for participation on the topics of climate protection and sustainability easily accessible for people with intellectual and/ or complex disabilities. In the project, tailor-made offers for people with intellectual and/ or complex disabilities as well as inclusive educational materials are developed, which contribute to a growing awareness of climate protection and the environment and an ecologically conscious lifestyle.

The project Make education not war aims to support Ukrainian teachers and pupils, which have been mostly displaced. The project provides online classes, which give pupils the opportunity to stay in contact with peers and fellow Ukrainians, share experiences and ask questions. Further, they gain competences in topics such as critical thinking, open communication, integration into a new community and diversity as a resource. In addition, teachers get trauma support, both for themselves and to enable them to support their pupils.

3. campaigns and studies

On behalf of the Bavarian State Office for the Environment, agado is producing online guides with environmental tips for the brewing, textile cleaning and hotel and catering sectors. The brief and clearly presented information is intended to make it easier for small and medium-sized enterprises to get started with in-house environmental protection.

Green economy in the Alpine region: The Alpine Convention, a framework agreement on sustainable development in the Alpine region, publishes an Alpine Status Report every two years, with a rotating chair. The Alpine Status Reports deal with specific, Alpine-relevant topics and provide information on current ecological, economic, and social developments in the Alps. agado together with ifuplan drafted the 6th Report on the State of the Alps on Green Economy on behalf of the German Presidency of the Alpine Convention and also supported the implementation of the Green Economy Action Plan for the Alps.

Air-quality: Dust produced in manufacturing companies is a serious health risk. To sensitise companies and decision-makers to the risks of poor air quality and the opportunities of good air quality at the workplace, agado is conducting the campaign "Raising Awareness of Air Quality at the Workplace". Based on research and interviews, an information campaign is being developed that supports a change towards better air quality at the workplace through solutions and action ideas.

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