Galina Gupan and Olena Zarichna are GAP International Individual Associates and former members of the Teachers for Democracy and Partnership (TDP) Ukraine. The TDP partnered with GAP International between 2010 – 2015 to deliver the hugely impactful and successful Ukraine, Lessons for Sustainable Development project in over 1,500 schools across the country.

Today, Galina and Olena are again working closely with other members of the GAP International network from GAP UK, GAP Spain and agado Germany as well as other individual associates to provide critical support to Ukraine’s teachers and students during the unprecedented times brought on by the war in their country.

Olena Zarichna and Galina Gupan

The GAP International led campaign to provide critical support for Ukrainian teachers and their students is called the Make Education not War campaign and Galina and Olena are leading the on the ground efforts of this campaign to ensure that their incredible network of hard working and passionate teachers are able to continue working with, supporting and inspiring their students even during these incredibly challenging times.

More information on the Make Education not War campaign can be found here, and donations to the campaign can be made by going to: