What We DoGAP UK is a non-profit organisation that specialises in sustainable behaviour change. Our ethos is that small changes applied to everyday choices make big differences when widely adopted.
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Our MissionGAP UK is on a mission to tackle throwaway culture and the harmful effect it has on the wellbeing of each of us and our living world. To do this, GAP UK plans to support 10 million young people with the help of innovative partners and funders to:
- Reclaim what success means to them;
- Reinvent their relationship with their stuff;
- Reinstate their rights and voices as citizens and conscious customers to drive a happier, healthier future for themselves and the planet.

Our Five Principles:
1. We Challenge the Norm
2. We Inspire Change
3. We Get Stuff Done
4. We Share Openly
5. We Look Out for Each Other
Areas of WorkProgrammes and workshops for youth groups, millennials, and the community on sustainable behaviour change.
Success StoriesClean Air Day: In 2017, we reached 86 million people through 200 events in major cities, a top trending #CleanAirDay on Twitter and 550 media articles in national and local press, TV coverage and a UN-backed competition. In 2018, our figures were even bigger: we reached a staggering 970 million people through a combination of 1,750 media reports, another top trending #CleanAirDay, and 550 events that over 2,000 organisations participated in. The success of the campaign has already been internationally recognised, but it isn't over yet-- we're aiming even higher for the upcoming 2019 Clean Air Day!

#LongLiveTheLunchbox: From February to March 2019, our youth panel took to the streets and to Instagram to combat single-use plastic waste. They set out to find restaurants and eateries that would package takeout food in reusable containers that consumers brought themselves. The effort helps reduce plastic waste and provides exposure for participating restaurants, and has generated an interactive map on our website of all the locations in the UK that have committed to #LongLiveTheLunchbox.
Collaboration OpportunitiesGAP welcomes partnerships to tackle critical sustainability issues. We have opportunities for anyone to collaborate with us, from youth to businesses, hospitals to schools, and anyone in between. You can find out more about partnering with us via our partnership page.
Project HighlightsWaterExplorer: Together with HSBC, GAP sets out to help 8- to 14-year-olds tackle water issues. GAP has successfully empowered 190,000 students from 16 countries to take bold and powerful action to save our precious water through fun, interactive water-saving missions. Water Explorers across these 16 countries have completed 7,600 challenges and engaged with their community 26 million times. Their efforts have saved 10.2 million m3 of water and 29 million kgs of carbon. 96% of teachers report an increase in students’ understanding of local water issues, and 308 water festivals have been held.

Clean Air Day: Every year, GAP UK enables millions of people to protect themselves from and reduce air pollution, starting with children. For this national event, we bring hundreds of trusted charities, health institutions, corporations and local authorities together with a combined clean air message.

Goals for Good: A course geared toward 18- to 30-year-olds that brings together research on motivation, goal-setting, purpose and well-being to help you explore your goals for the future and learn the latest techniques to achieve them. This course is geared towards individuals and businesses, which supports participants to set personal and professional goals and to set long-term aspirations for their future that align to their personal values.
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