What We DoGlobal Action Plan is an environmental charity focused on issues where the connection between the health of people and our planet is most tangible.
LocationLondon, UK
Member Since1993
Audiences/SectorSchools, Healthcare, Communities, Businesses, Academics, Non-profit Organisations, Local and National Government
Member TypeOrganisational Member
Our MissionTackling the root causes of climate change and the nature crisis by producing research, campaigns and collective action that reconnect human and environmental health.

Our vision is a green and thriving planet where everyone can enjoy happy and healthy lives within the Earth’s limits.
Areas of WorkWe focus on issues where the connection between the health of people and our planet is most tangible. This allows us to show the deep interrelationship between the two and drive solutions that prioritise wellbeing for all.

Air pollution is the biggest environmental threat to people and planet. We are working to end the use of fossil fuels in urban areas and bring air pollution within World Health Organization limits.

Young people feel anxious about and disempowered to act on climate change. We are enabling young people to live sustainably by helping them play a central role in local and national policy-making, and through values-led learning in schools.

Excessive consumption and the marketing that drives it is killing the planet and making us miserable. We are working to curb overconsumption and helping business models to shift away from profit over planet.
Success StoriesEstablishing Clean Air Day: as an annual national awareness day, mobilising businesses, schools, local government and communities across the UK to take action on air pollution

Celebrating the work of volunteer, community and public sector changemakers in the Sustainable City Awards

Building a community of environmental educators through Transform Our World, and collaborating with partner organisations to share opportunities for youth social and environmental action

Managing global schools programmes focused on values-led learning in partnership with HSBC (Water Explorer) and Unilever (Persil Dirt is Good Schools Programme)

Launching the Clean Air Hub, a website for the general public to access everything they need to know about air pollution in one place
Collaboration OpportunitiesWe partner with government departments and agencies, local authorities, philanthropic foundations, businesses, and multilateral organisations to have a deeper impact. Our corporate partners help us tap into valuable resources and understand sector challenges we couldn’t otherwise access. Together we share insights and initiatives with the public and decision-makers at a scale we could not deliver alone. Find out more
Project HighlightsSupercharging the climate conversation by reaching new audiences of young men through our work with Virgin Media O2 – and being featured in an award-winning episode of the ‘Chattin’ Sh*t’ podcast.

Hosting the annual Transform Our World Youth Summit, an online event bringing thousands of students together online to join youth-led workshops and discussions on climate learning and action.

Building a powerful coalition of lawyers, academics, clinicians, environment groups, and human rights, privacy and children’s rights advocates to collectively demand big tech turn off surveillance advertising to under 18s.
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