What We DoMikado provides strategic consulting, trainings, reporting and develops projects on sustainability, community investment, social entrepreneurship and social impact. Mikado develops innovative sustainable development programs/interventions with stakeholder participation in line with social needs. It contributes to the formation of ecosystems that create social transformation through the efficient use of resources and the mobilization of relevant stakeholders. Mikado supports organizations to think impact-oriented and manage their impact.
LocationIstanbul, Turkey
Members Since2018
Member TypeMember organisation
Our MissionMikado believes in and strives to create partnerships among the private sector, civil society, academic, public and international organisations for multidimensional social transformation and social benefit.
Areas of WorkMikado bases its work on social innovation, strategic sustainability consulting and social impact. Working zones include: a responsible and accountable private sector (CSR, sustainability solutions), sustainable and transparent civil society (helping strengthen an NGO’s capacity for this), social innovation and change (helping of social entrepreneurs to increase their capacity in Turkey), social transformation with community investment and social impact programs.
Collaboration OpportunitiesMikado crafts social innovative projects in collaboration with private sector, academic institutions and NGOs. To do this, Mikado supports private sector companies to form and implement their sustainability and inclusive business strategies, develops and implements capacity building, and supports social impact maximisation projects with NGOs. Through this innovative approach, Mikado aims to create a transparent civil society by democratisation and active citizenship.
Project HighlightsMikado conducts a variety of projects and trainings with numerous NGOs in the fields of democratisation and active citizenship, and the enhancement of the capacities of NGOs and the increase of social impacts.

Tomorrow is Ours (YarınBizim) is a community investment program conducted by the partnership between Mikado and Sabancı Group to support the personal and academic development of students in 11th and 12th grades who have at least one parent, sibling, or relative working in the healthcare sector.

Students who participate in “YarınBizim” have had online mentoring sessions with employees from Sabancı Group. Additionally, the project's online platform provides content on topics such as Sabancı University Career Support Program, Responsible Youth, Inspiring Figures, and Career Stories for students to engage with.
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