SUPER Stories – Lara and Monica

In March of 2018, GAP UK hosted us for a week-long job shadowing.

We were given the chance to participate directly in school programme workshops. We took part in internal meetings, briefings and project designs. The staff at GAP UK introduced us to their main programmes and their projects still in development, like making connections with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a campaign to target consumerism through open discussion and exchanging experiences.

We have learned about social media and communication strategies, branding and marketing approaches. Ourselves and the UK staff were able to exchange our country-specific approaches: GAP UK shared its approaches within the Water Explorer school programme and InEuropa unveiled its own new school project, GREAT. We were also involved in a project designing joint workshop for the Horizon 2020 programme, held by GAP UK and GAP Ireland.

The job shadowing helped develop communication strategies and tools for environmental behaviour change to be used on future projects. The close contacts we developed with the GAP International Secretariat also widened our relations between our member organisations.